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Recent work includes:

Francesca Manzi voice for Adult Swim
Francesca Manzi voice for NBC Universal
Francesca Manzi voice for SyFy Channel
Francesca Manzi voice for South Park Digital
Francesca Manzi voice for Digital Domain
Francesca Manzi voice for Mattel
Francesca Manzi voice for Square Enix
Francesca Manzi voice for Pfizer
Francesca Manzi voice for Bank of America
Francesca Manzi voice for Mastercard
Francesca Manzi voice for IBM
Francesca Manzi voice for Amazon
Egon Zehnder Leaders & Daughters 2017
Justice Technology Professionals
Blackboard IBM
Unilever ETS EVP
Revitalize Your Shower Door with the Coastal Clarity Restoration Kit
Egon Zehnder Leaders & Daughters 2017
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Justice Technology Professionals
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Blackboard IBM
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Unilever ETS EVP
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Revitalize Your Shower Door with the Coastal Clarity Restoration Kit
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Aaron Wood, Producer/Managing Director - Slurpy Studios

It has been a pleasure to work with Francesca, who consistently delivers professional, high quality voice overs and auditions for us and our clients. Her quick turnaround, flexibility and home studio set up are real assets to us when project turnarounds are fast, and we would highly recommend her. We look forward to working with Francesca again!”

Matt Smith, Multimedia Producer/Talent Development at LBMC

The quality of Francesca’s work took our final product to the next level. The team was blown away by how fast she was able to turn the work around. The best thing about working with Francesca was her constant professionalism and flexibility, while always being able to adapt to change.”

Amy Moore, Global Technology e-Learning Coordinator at Latham & Watkins LLC

Francesca is not only a consummate professional who’s able to match whatever vocal tone and demeanor is called for, but she is also a pleasure to work with, always quick to respond and pleasant regardless of how short a deadline is or how demanding a client might be. After two projects with Francesca, I can say that her responsiveness, flexibility, and ability to turnaround pickups very quickly has helped us accomplish what we needed on time and with excellent quality. We will certainly continue to use her voice anytime the need arises. Thank you, Francesca!”

Lucie Warrington, Managing Director, Superla TV

Francesca was very easy to work with and always communicated in a friendly and timely manner. She took direction well and was flexible in all aspects of the job. I would wholeheartedly recommend her!”

Carson Ketrow, Visual Content Creator SFW Agency

We worked with Francesca on a large video project for one of our big time clients. She was very professional and timely. We had 3 total rounds including the first take. After the first take we had two small revisions and Francesca was very prompt in delivering the products. Thank you Francesca for your help with our project, we really appreciate it and will definitely keep you in mind for our future projects.”

Jaime Bencia, Director of Biz Dev, Ridiculous Gaming (formerly at Digital Domain)

…our objective was to find an actress who could step into Ava’s shoes and provide a voice performance that not only fit the needs mentioned above, but take it to the next level. When we reviewed Francesca’s reel, we knew we had found Ava. She did such an incredible job during our VO sessions that she was immediately asked to perform the motion capture acting for Ava as well. She did an amazing job…her work expanded and greatly enhanced our own perception of Ava’s character. It was a joy to watch and I credit her for bringing this character to life! As for whether I would work with Francesca again – absolutely! There is no doubt or question about it. In addition to providing our team both with an amazing VO and Mocap performance, she is also an incredibly personable, kind human being who was a pleasure to work with.”

Alysa Schaefer, Producer, Hammer Creative

For this campaign, Matt (Stone) and Trey (Parker) were looking for a very particular voice to contrast the comedic tone of the trailers we were making, and they personally selected Francesca from the vast number of actresses they auditioned because they felt she was tonally perfect for the role, fitted right into the South Park vibe, and had exactly the talent and skills we needed to bring these spots to life.”

Keith Arem, Director/Producer & President of PCB Productions

I couldn’t be more thrilled with Francesca’s phenomenal performance as “Ava”. Not only that, but her energy and enthusiasm were infectious, and she was a joy to have on set. I am constantly looking for actors who possess that “special something” which Francesca certainly has in spades, but also actors who are team players and with whom I enjoy working. The voice over and motion capture industry here in Hollywood is populated by only a small pool of incredibly talented performers… and I am delighted that Francesca is a part of this pool. I very much look forward to working with her again on many of my future voice over and motion capture projects.”

Dave Darmour, Freelance Producer DGA 1st Asst. Director / Commercial UPM

Whether on camera or on the mic, Francesca becomes her characters. She is a versatile professional who brings those acting chops to her VO work and breathes life into whatever script is in front of her. I am grateful to have worked with her. I’m sure you will be as well.”

Mehrad Noori, Producer/Director at AnythingEverything

Francesca is an absolute delight! Whether it’s on large-scale studio projects or quick indie jobs, I’ve always been impressed with how poised, collaborative, and emotive she is. Add to that her positive attitude and the fact that she always delivers exactly what we need, and I would happily work with her again and again”

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