Francesca Manzi

friend and foe voiceover by francesca manzi

Where the darling and the devil do lunch


The witty, zany best friend. The warm, reassuring, educational figure. The wicked queen. The dastardly scientist. Francesca Manzi can do it all by way of her dynamic voice, excellent attention to detail, and great passion for creating characters.

The British voiceover actress has the client list to back up her zeal: Adult Swim, South Park Digital, NBC Universal, Mattel Entertainment, Syfy and Microsoft. Her background in theatre gives her an edge in vocally bringing brands to life with impressive dimension and unparalleled quality.

Francesca is currently based out of Los Angeles, where she lives and works from home with her professional equipment setup. Aside from work, she is a former professional dancer with an uncanny knack for remembering song lyrics! She’s travelled the world solo (favorite destination: India) and loves classic Hollywood movie musicals. She writes poetry (700 pieces and counting!) and is obsessed with dark chocolate and spicy margaritas (not at the same time!).


Looking to elevate your brand with a trademark voice, whether gloriously good or deliciously evil? Look no further than Francesca Manzi, your Friend & Foe VO.

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